We are excited to announce our annual AI4b.io spring symposium!

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The spring symposium will cover presentations from the field of artificial intelligence (AI) in Bioscience. What AI methods are already applied in the field? What challenges do applications in Bioscience face? What role will AI play in the future?

The presentations will range from smart scheduling of industrial fermentation plants, through machine learning for digital twins and lab automation to using machine learning for metabolic engineering and the microbiome. We are bringing together the AI for Bioscience community between industry and academia!

We look forward to welcoming you at NEXT Delft for this year’s AI4bio spring symposium!

Have a look at the program for more insights about the presentations (last update: 17 April, 15:20)

Dinner will be at 'De Gist' which is located at a 45 minutes walking distance from the symposium venue. A nice walk straight into the city center of Delft.


Confirmed speakers

  • Cees Haringa (University Delft)
  • Moritz von Stosch (DataHow, Switzerland)
  • Natal van Riel (University Eindhoven)
  • Claudio Angione (Teesside University, UK)
  • Meine Boer (University Utrecht)
  • Lotte Asveld (University Delft)
  • Gürkan Sin (DTU, Denmark)
  • Yvonne Nygård (Chalmers, Sweden)
  • Marcus Claesson (University College Cork, UK)
  • Hector Garcia-Martin (Webinar - Berkeley, USA)
  • Stephan Heijl (Bio Prodict)
  • Nico Cruz Bournazou (KIWI Biolab, Germany)
  • Michel Dumontier (Webinar - University Maastricht)

Speakers from AI4b.io [PhD students]

  • Chengyao Peng
  • Paul van Lent
  • Mahdi Naderibeni
  • Kim van den Houten
  • Joery de Vries

Confirmed panel members

  • Jana Weber (University Delft)
  • Marcel Reinders (University Delft)
  • Hans Roubos (DSM)
  • Henk Noorman (DSM) - Host


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