The lab is a collaboration between DSM and Delft University of Technology in order to start a research program 'AI for Bioscience'.

The Artificial Intelligence Laboratory for Bioscience ( is a collaboration between DSM and Delft University of Technology. is aiming at long-term innovation in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Bioscience to develop biobased products and to optimize biobased production technologies.


The mission of the collaboration is to develop a deep understanding of how novel AI technology (methods, techniques, theories, and algorithms) can strengthen the effectiveness and efficiency of relevant research and/or business processes in the biotech industry.


For five years, five PhD researchers will work in the lab. Research topics will include, among other things, Digital twin and smart plant scheduling, Digital twin for large-scale fermentation, Digital twin of lab automation processes and self-learning platforms and Machine learning for iterative metabolic engineering.

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The lab is part of the Dutch National Innovation Center for AI (ICAI), which works to keep the Netherlands at the forefront of knowledge and talent development in AI.

An ICAI Lab is a research collaboration between one or multiple industrial, governmental or not-for-profit partner(s) on the one hand and one or multiple knowledge institute(s) on the other hand. The ICAI lab is led by Professor Marcel Reinders, Director TU Delft Bioengineering Institute. DSM regards biosciences as an important tool for addressing climate change and resource scarcity, and for optimising the global food system. 

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