Planet is a non-profit organisation that contributes to the transition of today's fossil-based, linear economy to tomorrow's bio-based, circular economy, by promoting Industrial Biotechnology.

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Planet is a dedicated organisation aiming to grow the innovation ecosystem on the Biotech Campus Delft, a site with over 150 years of biotechnology history.  

Planet promotes collaboration between start-ups, SMEs, corporates, tech- and service providers and knowledge institutes to maximize the impact of innovations in the field of biotechnology.  

Planet enables companies to develop and commercialise their biotech solutions, providing a local hub with access to lab space, pilot facilities, and space for industrial production with the relevant environmental permits. Planet further supports companies by actively building network opportunities with scientists, technologists, other companies, investors and policy makers.  

Planet currently offers a home to 15 companies, active in the fields of:

  • Sustainable food & feed and protein transition: Meatable, Veramaris, Avansya, Olatein, Proteins of Tomorrow, Proeon, Bialtec;
  • Gas fermentation: Deep Branch and Lanzatech;
  • Technology: DAB, XPure and VitroTEM.