Fall meeting AI4b.io team

FallMeeting 23Nov2022

On November 23rd, the AI4b.io team came together to talk about the results of the first year and share plans for the second year.

It was very inspiring to see what the PhD students Kim van den Houten, Mahdi Naderibeni, Joery de Vries, Paul van Lent and Chengyao Peng have done so far and how their research topics are connected on both BioScience and AI level. It is one thing to create a plan, but seeing it come true is even better. Really looking forward to see those next year plans come true. Thanks also to Elise de Reus to present the trajectory from idea to company and how it worked out for Cradle. And thanks Fenneke Jolink for introducing the idea behind the scale up ecosystem Planet B.io @ Biotech Campus Delft.

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/company/ai4b-io