The webinar on Health, AI and Data Science

Project 4

Speakers: Prof. dr. Jingyuan Fu (University Medical Center Groningen) and Dr. Thomas Abeel (Technical University Delft)

The gut microbiome meets data science and artificial intelligence

Prof. dr. Jingyuan Fu, University Medical Center Groningen, the Netherlands

The gut microbiome is a complex ecosystem in the human gut that harbors over 1,000 bacterial species. In recent years, with the aid of metagenomics sequencing technology, microbial composition is not a dark matter anymore. In this study, we will demonstrate how big data-driven analysis can deepen our understanding of the role of the gut microbiome in human health, and how we can leverage the gut microbiome with other omics and clinical data in explaining phenotypic differences, aiding disease diagnosis, and stratifying individuals for their susceptibility of developing complex diseases.

Transfer dynamics of AMR in the context of One Health

Dr. Thomas Abeel, Technical University Delft

In the context of One Health, wastewater treatment plants are central to safeguarding water resources. Nonetheless, many questions remain about their effectiveness in preventing antimicrobial resistance dissemination. Extracellular free DNA (exDNA) as an evolution driver through horizontal gene transfer is largely overlooked, particularly in the context of complex systems such as wastewater treatment plants. The composition of exDNA, its persistence, and its transformation capacity to create new AMR organisms will be discussed. Our work fosters microbial risk assessments across water systems, supporting water authorities to delineate measures to safeguard environmental and public health.

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